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Fish of the year

Well actually fishes of the year, on thing I love to do at this time of year apart from booking my tickets back to start an other year of fishing holidays in the Florida Keys is to look back on last years photos.  Could not pic out a clear winner of 2013 but here our three fish which were very special and brought what I call a smile that goes right round the face.


First was a shark on fly for repeat customer Geoff from Jersey who after his first trip came back with some shark flies he had tied and after a very long and hard fight in less than 10 ft of water we had a stunning black tip in the boat.  I have to admit I have never been able to get my head round salt water fly fishing but for some people it is their passion and on my boat you make the rules so enjoy.  In all fairness this shark had the last laugh if you look at the photo you will see in its last run by the boat it broke Geoff’s rod but with fly lines being very strong we had it in.


Next was our first mako shark on one of our trips to the tuna grounds at the Marathon humps. We are one of the few boats to shark fish out there nearly 25 miles offshore but if you have used the gas and the shark are there the tuna fishing can suck any way so why not enjoy.  This one put up an amazing fight, right enough once you have drifted off the humps which at the highest point are 490 ft you quickly are in water over 1000 ft and fish know this and go straight down.  I still remember seeing the fish coming up and with nearly 100 ft viability a very white and blue fish we were all saying marlin but at the boat side one very unhappy mako.


Over the years I have guided to many tarpon but the smile on Derek’s face just says it all and is why the Keys are such a special place, once he had this fish on all he did was perfect showing people of any age can land a big one.  Both Derek and John who had the mako on the same trip are back out next year on their now annual trip to the Florida Keys.


On a personal note and yes I still love to catch fish I had my first big UK shark a porbeagle  near 250 lb and for this fish I have to thank Rupert Dury who said at the start of the trip  ”  the first one is your’s ” an amazing guy and a stunning fish.  So what will 2014 bring for  Fish the Dream, well on our first trip we will have electric reels and swordfish are on the wish list.  So happy new year to everyone and watch this space !!!!!