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Irish eyes

The one thing this old Luddite likes about all the new web stuff is my ability to see where visitors to this website come from and I have to say we have a lot of guys from the emerald isle. Ever since  Cian O Halloran came on what I even have to admit was a very successful fishing holiday in the Florida Keys to quote his words ” It was the best fishing experience of my life ” his loyal following from his business  Absolute Fishing in Waterford have been regulars looking at my website.  If you ever end up in that part or Ireland look him up as he now must be Mr Irish Bass and will ship to the UK any thing from his shop or his online shop at  It did occur to me the other day watching rain hit the windows at 60 mph  (  back in the keys next week  ) that most of his punters are lure men and the Florida Keys is just lure heaven.


Cian ticking a box !!

Personally I think the number one lure fish is the good old barracuda, if ever a fish looked like a predator then it is the barracuda with its amazing sett of teeth.  They tend to be more an ambush feeder waiting for bait to pass but soon learn a boat at anchor is an easy meal, why chase a fish when an angler will bring one to you. I shallow water an other trick they do is jump and at one of are wrecks we have even had them jump in the boat fun to see how fast anglers can move to get out of the way of teeth.  Small ones are very good shark bait but now I like to put all big ones back they are just so much fun on light lure rods.


The other predator that just nails any lure is the bully boy of the Keys the jack crevelle these guys are not fussy and hunt in packs pushing bait fish to places for an easy kill.  I still remember the day we found over 100 jacks in a feeding frenzy near Bahia Honda the guys that day were even casting poppers away from them just to watch fish surfing to get the lures.  On an other day during an other feeding frenzy we even had two jacks on the same lure as the other jack was trying to get the bait out of the first fishes mouth strange but true.


So if you are a lure fisherman who wants some full on action get in touch, remeber if there are not four of you I will try to make up a party and out of tarpon season will give you a good discount.