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The one fish missing from our impressive 124 species list in over 10 years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys is the impressive swordfish and this might change very shortly.  Our first guests in 2014 will be the Keating brothers Alan and Tim,  Alan used to have a boat in the med and due to the very deep water has a couple of electric reels loaded with enough line to fish near 2000 ft  yes  2000 ft.  In recent years how people fish for swords has changed local Capt Richard Stanczyk decided to as they say think out of the box and came up with a new method and boy does it work.  Swords live and feed about 35 miles offshore where depths drop to 2000 ft coming up  to the surface at night to feed so all the swordfish fishing was done at night on fairly normal gear.

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Richard’s thinking was well most fish feed all day and swords have huge eyes which they must use to see fish in the deep water so all you had to do was get a bait down to them.  He also came up with the idea to attach a very heavy weight sometimes up to 20 lb to the hook bait tying this directly to the hook to keep all the gear in a straight line on the way down.  Then when it reaches the bottom the heavy weight is broken off being tied with just 12 lb line and you have a perfect rig in nearly 2000 ft where the daylight sends all the feeding fish.  The electric are mainly used to check baits and recover line if the fish runs hard to the boat just to give the angler a bit of a break and avoid loose braid on the reel.  These fish can get very big and there are many over 1000 lbs and in 2012 a huge eye was found on a beach in Florida which was later found to be a sword fish eye from a very big fish !