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The Keating boys

Its been a long time since Alan and Tim Keating came on their first fishing holiday in the Florida Keys and I now hope I can call them true fishing friends and look forwards to their now annual trip to the Keys.  Last week was their trip for 2014 and for many years now Alan has wanted to tick the swordfish box and this year we came very close Alan has had boats in the med and due to the very deep water invested in some electric reels which are just the job for fishing here where the swords are found up to 1500 ft  The first two days of his trip it was to windy to due the trip the first stop is some 35 miles out in the Atlantic so it was fun on the wrecks in the bay and some of the best cobia fishing I have ever had see video at the end but on the middle day of Alan’s trip it was saying 8 mph so game on.



We all worked hard late into the night making the 25 lb concrete weights to get the baits down and getting all the very special gear needed ready so bed at last and fingers crossed.  Well guess what the 8 mph had gone and we woke to 18 + mph cr** the cold front that has been taking over mainland USA had made it down to the Keys game over.  As I have said before the cold fronts in the keys may suck if you want a tan but fire up the fish with the mackerel loving it.  So the last two days we stayed close in to the lee of the island but had great fishing and one of the biggest gag grouper we have had for a long time and a very lucky grouper as well as this is thew start of our 4 month grouper closed season.



It’s a shame Alan only gets 5 days to fish he runs a very successful company and now employs nearly 300 people so only limited time off but one day it will come together.  It just goes to show how long we have been doing this as next year he is taking about bringing his son to catch the Florida Keys bug and if you ever want your child to catch the fishing bug then this is the place to do it.