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First ever fish !

Well we have had a lot of firsts here at Fish the dream fishing holidays in the Florida Keys but even for us this week was a new one.  My dentist Bill and his son Chris are one of our many regulars who have now been coming for many years but this year Bill has brought along his brother-in-law Patrick.  Now despite being on this planet for many years and even owning and using pleasure craft had until this week never caught a fish on rod and line.  I know I am pretty hardcore but even for me having a boat in the sea and not fishing, well we will have to sort this out and of course in my opinion the Florida Keys are just the place to sort this out.  So first day head the boat some 12 miles north into Florida Bay where I hope my mackerels will put a bend in the newbie’s rod and put him on the right road concerning boats and the sea.


No problem we soon had a good bend in Patrick’s rod and yet an other first for me a fisherman all to my self to teach with no bad habits, the trouble with a lot of the float fishing we do is most UK anglers love to strike when a float goes under.  Now that is just fine if your line is tight but here nine times out of ten there is a lot of loose line and all an instant strike will do is just tell the fish to let go of the bait.  Now all my regulars now my cries of   ” wind wind wind as fast as you can ” and as nearly all of my rods are braid the no stretch of the line does the rest wind soon turns into fish on !  Patrick is turning into a star pupil and despite very un Floridian weather  (  we are yet again in an other cold front ) I hope is having fun.


Also along for the first time is Chris’s friend Ash a New Zealander who has now lived for six years in the UK and to put it mildly is just nailing the fish he must have a long history of fishing.  Next blog is about Patrick’s first big and I mean very big fish a shark on the tuna grounds.