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Offshore fun !

Well Patrick’s learning curve in the gentle art of fishing was about to take one large leap forwards as day two dawned flat calm and when it is like that the humps and tuna grounds are just crying come play.  So with Patrick not realy knowing what was in store we fueled up and pointed the boat south and headed the 28 miles into the Atlantic where the ground comes up very steeply from nearly 1000 ft to just 490 ft on our fabled humps.  We had decided to do the afternoon bite as dragging guys up at 4 am to do the sunrise bite after a long haul flight a bit hard and with a newbie in the dark not a good idea.  In doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys we have found the tuna not as good in the afternoon but for the last few months but plenty of fun and we have had more shark so its swings and roundabouts.


Well when we got there the Gulf Steam was in full action and at some times we had over 4 mph of current no fish busting on the top but a take nearly every drift so we were ticking the box then as a shark man just what I want we lost our first fish to a shark.  None of the locals seem to understand the Brits love of shark especialy on the tuna grounds but I say you can only catch whats there and in my books fishing is about having your string pulled and a bend in your rod and boy do the shark on the humps tick those boxes.  So with the fighting belt strapped round his waist Patrick was about to get into big game fish with a bang the look on his face said it all, strangely on the first run nothing had the boys in grey coats let me down but on the second drift that fantastic click, click of a shark.

There is something very special of a shark in deep water and this puppy was letting Patrick know all about it but I have to say he did a stunning job and in what seemed not to long a very unhappy near 200 lb silky shark was at the boat.  I just love these shark the true speedsters of the deeps so job done, prime tuna for tea and one very happy new angler with leason two ticked off with full marks.