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Father and son

The one thing that was really nice about last week was to see Bill and his son have some quality time fishing I was very jealous.  The only thing I regret about my long fishing life now over 50 years is that non of my children shared my passion with rod and line.  I remember people telling my not to force them and just wait, but sadly it never happened and when they left home for uni it was lost.  My father never fished but maybe it is a generation thing as both my grandsons love to fish so all is not lost.  Last week was not the best weather  Bill  has had better but in all fairness we fished on the tuna grounds and had days on the wrecks in the bay I have had a lot worse but we fished ever day and had fish ever day.





The one thing that always seems to come as a surprise to guys on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys is rain and yes last week we had one just one wet day, in all fairness we have more rain here in the Florida Keys than the UK but most comes in the summer.  The one thing I have noticed in doing our holidays for over 10 years the cold fronts seem to last longer and last week we saw nearly a 10 degree drop in sea temps that does put some fish off in the bay as they move to find warmer water.  The macs and blue fish are more happy in cooler water in fact when it warms up they go north to find cold water.  To show the difference last week we had water temps in the low 60’s in Florida Bay but on the tuna grounds nearly 30 miles out it was 74.  What ever the weather wind, rain, cool or warm we are so lucky here in the Keys I will still put a bend in your rod and pull your string.