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Well as is normal on one of our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys Bill’s last day came all to quickly and the weather gods were not playing either a strong 20 + mph cool wind from the North.  This means all our bay fishing is a no go and we either have to fish the bridges or tuck into the lee of the island and fish the south side close in.  In all fairness I am very lucky here in the Keys compared to skipper friends in the UK who lose lots of days here we can boat fish ever day just fewer places to go when its windy.  Well at the days planning meeting  (  Helen’s famous Florida Fry  )  Bill asked if we could go into the mangroves to show Patrick an other side to the Keys and as I have a system on the south side of the Island it would be very calm and out of the wind warm as well as it was going to be sun all day.



Soon we had the snapper feeding and on light tackle fantastic fun,  I have said before once you have lost the joy of catching small fish in my opinion you have lost a big part of fishing.  However it was once again young Ash who put the thinking hat on and came up with a new method to catch snapper.  As it was very sunny the fish were under the mangroves and by using a large live shrimp on a fly line the bait would swim under the mangroves where some very good fish took them.  Not for the purists this one but if you want a fun fish on a fly rod why not, no way cold any one cast a line that deep under the branches but a live shrimp did the work for you.  So Bill had a very mixed week with the weather but fish to near 200 lb and a fantastic day on the tuna grounds I know many a party who would have paid extra, see you all again soon I hope maybe a little later in the year if you want heat.