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Early Tarpon ?

Two bits of good news from here in the Florida Keys all last weeks work on the boat was good.  I had decided to upgrade the gauges  to old school sweep arm analogue  the old ones were LED read outs and in the bright sun light some times hard to read.  It always surprised me even an hour with the RPM’s not matched big difference in fuel load as the twin tanks are not linked at all.  Put a bigger live well pump in as temps rise the more water the better and replaced a seal in one engines lift motor just a tiny leak but it was beginning to bug me so job done and as they say boat just living up to Break Out Another Thousand . The other bit of good news is that we are seeing a few early tarpon in the 10 days the boat has been out, lots of work on the house as well, sea temps in the bay have gone from 64 after the cold front to the 74 we saw yesterday.



A local guide went to seven mile bridge to give the tarpon a go and had a fantastic 2 for 4 as we say not the big 100 lb + but solid 60 to 80  lb wow I would take that any day.  As I have said before the tarpon seem to be getting bigger but a three-hour fight does become a spectator sport for the other guys on the boat and you can normally get these smaller fish in and go back to catch an other. Had  a very late cancellation yesterday from two anglers who were coming out on our special week to celebrate our doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over ten years.  We are charging the same price we did ten years ago just £ 85 a day for B + B and fishing and as it is getting late you might be able to even twist my arm a bit more.  The dates are arrive 3 rd March and fish 6 days there will only be one other guy on the boat my oldest fishing buddy Martin who over 50 years ago got me in this mess and yes we will be catching Tarpon, so at our best price for years come and see what a 100 lb silver king is all about !