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Over half a ton of grouper

Well as the old A team used to say ” I love it when a plan comes together ” and the other day in Florida Bay it certainly did.  Paul had asked if we could have a day on the goliath grouper there is nothing like the sheer power these over 100 lb fish have as they just have to get back to the wreck.  Well the day dawned fine and with little or no wind we soon covered the 20 miles to grouper wreck number one,  wreck  marked and anchor sett then heavy chum to get them to come to the boat and out of there lairs.  We have been doing this way now for over 6 years and as it works as the say if it aint broke don’t fix it and boy does it work and with the fighting action the Whippy Walk drag and wind many a huge fish comes boat side.  Soon we had our first fish about 200 lbs by the boat then started one of those magical  moments what guys must dream about on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys a grouper feeding frenzy.




Soon we had fish feeding under the chum bag and takes right by the boat engines just jaw dropping in all Paul and Carol had six over 100 lbs with fish of 120, 150, 200, 200, 300, 350 then as they say they were done and I mean done.  People often ask how I estimate size well for tarpon we don’t estimate we use very accurate tables on length and girth to give weights to about 2 lbs with grouper I had to come up with something else.  Years ago before all this heath and safety rubbish cement was in 112 lb bags and over my life god knows how many I have had to lift but safe to say I know what a 112 lb dead lift is.  So with grouper boat side and 22/0 hook in corner of mouth 100 lb dead lift half-fish out off water 200 lb fish may not be super accurate but I think good for plus or minus 50 lb. So what a red-letter day 1320 lb of grouper and two very, very tired anglers that will teach Paul to ask for big grouper.