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The Lady does well

I am not sure if it is female pheromones or the Miss Ballantine effect with her 64 lb record salmon but lady anglers here on our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys do seem to do rather well.  Last week was no exception and Carol who as only been fishing for about five years had a cracking week, not just the small stuff but giving the grouper and shark a taste of female power as well.  As I said it all started when rather than stay at home when Paul went on his weekly fishing matches she decided to join him and I gather does rather well. So when Paul decided to travel abroad to fish there was no stopping Carol and as they say the rest is history.  Even I was surprised the other day when at the goliath grouper wreck Carol said my turn and as you will see on the video no problem fish to the boat.





The one thing that always brings a smile to my face with lady anglers on my boat they do tend to do what I tell them where how do I put guys tend to put there on spin on my instuctions, the classic is the drag settings more than once guys have lost fish by over tightning  my drag settings to get the fish in quicker.  Many times I have said soft drags allow the fish to do its thing and you can always give it more later one but once  lost fish is always gone.  Also lady anglers tend to play fish where guys tend to fight a fish, many times I say soft hands will land a fish where boxing gloves lose fish, an extra 10 mins playing a fish is all you need.  The last day of Paul and Carol trip it was very windy over 25 mph but after an exciting trip found us in a natural mangrove creek where we had a fun day the joys off the Florida Keys boat fishing ever day no matter what the wind highlight of the day a near 10 lb Black Drum.  Fantastic trip and hope to see you both very soon again.