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Little “n” large

Well what a difference a week can be from the glass of last week to strong winds a yet an other cold front with a 4 degree drop in water temps.  We are still catching fish but the trouble of have guys who have been many times they know where they would like to go and if the weather gods say no there is not a lot I can do, in fact we have had 100 lb fish ever day which is still very good.  As you know here at Fish the dream we love our shark all sorts and all sizes as young Ian showed the other day on ultra light gear while trout fishing he had a little bonnet head shark so what was going to be a massive trout turned out to be a shark as theses little fellows pull way above their weight.  Then later on is was his turn on the big rods and the fish was one of the most acrobatic I have seen for a long time full-out of the water barrel rolls, where is the Go Pro when you need it.  I would put this fish way over 150 lb but  to pregnant to bring aboard for the money shot I don’t want to harm my future spinners.



Talking about videos at the end of this blog you will see a short sad video of our first tarpon of the season yesterday to get some shelter we went to Bahia Honda where as you can see on the webcam link on my home page there have been tarpon for some time.  With crabs and new rods and reels for 2014, at first they were hard to find then down about mid bridge the sounder was full of fish so pick down and with a very strong tide the wait was on.  First fish was to Ian but this was a seasoned fish and took a hard left right through the concrete piles despite some serious grief from Ian this was only going to end one way, o for one as they say. Next fish was to Derek and this was a bit better out to the bay but I had to use the boat to unwind it from one of the main power poles then into the bay with a very happy crew.  But as often happens here the line went very solid and started to go back to the bridge yes mister bull shark wanted his lunch, after doing all the hard work this is soul-destroying but welcome to the world of tarpon fishing.