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love them or loath them shark make up a major part of the Florida Keys fishery.  I am very lucky that most people on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys are more than happy to link up and do battle.  personally I love them most of the time but during tarpon season and the permit spawn even I can get ticked off with the men in grey suits as they say.  Nothing gives you that sinking feeling after say nearly an hour of a perfect tarpon fight to see that pointy fin coming up behind your fish knowing it is only going to end one way. However most anglers always say after the foam, scales and blood disappear say  ” that was awesome ” and you have to admire them letting the anglers do all the hard work.  So far we have had 12 species of shark to the boat from the small sharpnose shark f a few pounds  which unfortunately have become our best goliath grouper bait, to the over 1000 lb hammerheads with the over 2 hrs of pain that sticking one brings.





Last week however shark came to my rescue more than once the weather gods were giving us a hard time but after doing this for over 15 years I know many sharking marks that are not effected by wind.  One day we ended up on one near the Everglades and on the north side of a large flat giving perfect shelter from the over 20 mph southerly winds.  Normal practice is to sett a big bait way out down the tide share the runs and have fun with the sporty shark close in it was John’s turn when after over 300 yds on the first run we had to throw the pick and follow.  After nearly half an hour first sight and I saw the very distinctive tail of a tiger shark high fives and whoops all round a first for this crew soon John had it by the boat and what a well-marked fish and that first run will be in John’s memory for a long time.  Next day same wind so we found ourselves on the same mark and yet again it was John’s turn when a lemon about 200 lb saved the day, and John is now known as shark boy.