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Windy days

The number one question I am asked by anglers booking a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys is can we book a week when we will have light winds, I wish.  After doing this for over 10 years the only advise I can give is there might be a hurricane during the hurricane season  June to November and not out of the season. Take the last two parties  just a few days apart, the Bromley boys had 6 days of the calmest seas I have even seen then the next week John’s party have ever day winds near 20 mph every day.  Two things you need to take into account yes on calm days I now have over 300 marks to take you to but after a few days the water gets very stale and you need waves to oxygen into the water, and no matter how strong or direction of the wind we will go out and find shelter and we will catch fish.





On one windy day last week we found fantastic yellow jack fish just feet from the old seven mile bridge, very hard fighting fish on light tackle and one of the the best fish you will ever eat.  On the same mark we had one of the biggest trigger fish I have ever seen or had to the boat , one lucky fish as they eat as well but we had more than enough for dinner.  An other fish that brings nothing but smiles on windy days is our sporty shark these are blacknose and sharpnose shark and yes a 40 lb is a good fish but they sure pull your string.  Also as you can see on the video it is not uncommon to have a better shark turn up and these on light tackle can be a hand full but fun and sort out the men from the boys.  So have no fears on the weather in the Florida Keys we go out ever day and catch fish every day.