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As good as it gets

At this time of year  (  Tarpon and Permit  )  season  most guys give me a pretty clear wish list  ”  A 100 lb tarpon then a good permit then you can just bend our rods ” so no pressure on me then.   Well weather gods on my side and shark already full for me this can be not to hard, lots can and will go wrong but some days as the other day it all goes just right.  Steve started the day off with a very strange tarpon the take was just awesome the lighted float just scream away , Steve did his job and stuck this one then a few jumps and straight out into the ocean very cool. Then what happened was very strange after nearly an hour the fish turned and came straight back to the shore and we were fighting a fish out side a local restaurant in just 2 ft of water.  Released the fish boatside, unfortunately none of the Go pro footage is any good, lesson learnt Go Pros need good light shame.




So as the sun started to rise a blast out to the permit grounds and this time it was Nick making the Girly noises and yes we have it all on video, still after all these years of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys this is as the blog title says  ” As good as it gets  ”  Well permit done so just down to bending rods and who better than my local wreck donkeys the amberjack and again it was lucky Nick who showed the way to go.  So after a quick breakfast  ( so cool docking at the restaurant )  of into the bay for some shallow water wrecking and after being beat up with 100 lb grouper the guys asked any chance of finishing the day with their lure rods on the barracuda no problem and just for good measure Brian had a stunning mackerel for tea job done.