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Wrong call ?

Firstly I have to say sorry to everyone who has emailed me over the last three days after the worst trip back ever from the US  in nearly 20 years at 29 hrs door to door and being hit twice in the night by the frigging trolley, bad connections, stacking, landing away from the terminals, having to exit Heathrow and renter to get next flight stuck on bypasses  the list just goes on and on.  I always tell myself that pain is normally temporary and things get better or may be it is my normal problem of flying the wrong way or just getting to 60 or a mad and very full on last month fishing but it has taken me a whole two days to over it all.  Well back in the UK for my hurricane and summer break but as last year Fish the Dream is still offering fishing holidays in the Florida Keys just a different Captain and a bigger boat. We  started this last year and Capt Brent had a blast he is a Florida Keys local and has more places to go than me and runs Fish the Dream just as I do fish when you want, for what you want and as long as you want so just get in touch if you are going to be in Florida this summer.



Back to Lee’s trip last week and the blog title  ( which I was thinking about before reading Henry Gilbeys blog ) how spooky is that it was the penultimate day and the guys wanted, permit on the bridge ruble, amberjack on the deep wrecks, dorado on the way to the humps then tuna and some deep water shark.  Well I told them that this year all the permit on the rubble have been taken on or just before first light with none after full sun but the vote was no early start so after nearly two hours of not catching permit, Lee lost a big fish, it was off to the amberjack wrecks. The one frustration I have with fishfinders is that they often show stacks of fish but often these fish are not feeding, big fish in my opinion do not feed 24/7 and this was the case on this wreck Lee did have two fantastic snapper stunning food fish but not the amberjack they had here on a previous trip.  Again we spent to long not catching and started the long run to the tuna grounds to late and the seas were getting nasty so we turned round to try some more deep wrecks but again no joy on the jacks.  So should I have been more assertive  and put my foot down and played the grumpy old skip, no it was their choice and that is how I run the holidays give advice and then it is up to the party to make the choice.