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1000 lb + last day

Well it happens to quickly and it seems even quicker on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys you start your last day’s fishing.  After Lee’s party tough day offshore I was more than happy that they wanted to end on a day’s wrecking deep in Florida Bay.  Now as most of you know it is very hard and I have done it but the boys wanted to go back to the barracuda wreck and maybe have a few more permit as they did on their red-letter day during the week.  So load the boat to the gunnels to cover all the options and truck north for nearly 20 miles,  well the wreck gods on our side no one there and as we looked for cobia the sight of 30 lb cuda gets the blood going.  Soon Lee had a stunning fish in the boat but the permit did no want to play so after the day before  I took a bit more charge and said that today we were not going to spend the last day not catching so up pick and move.




Second wreck not the mass of fish I wanted so why not try the first wreck we found goliath grouper and always had fun with jacks and other fish.  On arrival fish everywhere the screens just full first cast with a lure a jack and this was followed but good blue fish just like bass but with a sett of teeth a piranha would be happy with.  So started a very full on day grouper near 200 lbs shark well over 200 lb and just what I wanted screaming reels and happy anglers.  In fact more than once two jacks on a single lure and often the lure was hit as it touched the water not even having to reel in.  The only down side of the day was a massive hammerhead in the chum slick but despite trying all the baits we could it would not feed, maybe just a teaser to get the guys to come back yet again, I am more than sure it will not be the last time I hear their drags scream.