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Year review part one Shark

My year  goes from Sept to June but our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys are now all year-long if you find yourself all Disneyed out this summer get in touch and I can put the happy face back on.  Brent my local Captain who runs Fish the Dream during the summer is having a blast with the dorado and tuna will blog all about him but he is a local and all my guys give him top marks.  So how as the shark fishing been over the last year well just of the scale many, many big fish and what a year for tiger shark.  Not sure why but we have had tigers nearly every week no monsters all around the 200 to 300 lb mark but if you love your shark fishing tigers just tick so many boxes.  Sporty shark we now have a mark just yards from the shore often turn a day and on very light rods these fish normally black nose just scream drag and don’t beat up the angler.




Also this year again not sure why a lot of very big bull shark many way over 400 lb and if you consider they are mostly taken in less than 12 ft of water they can only go one way.  Bull of the year has to one that took half a ballyhoo and on just 40 lb line took a long time and a lot of following to get to the boat well done again Ian.  Lemons ever where as is the norm its the long first ( have I enough line )  run which lets you know you have a lemon control the first run and then the fish is yours.  Again massive hammerhead have come to the boat, poor Ben had a very full on welcome to the Florida Keys shark fishing ended up tired but smiling.  For me though whether it’s getting to 60 or just the joy of seeing a fish airborne the blacktips and spinners  tick my box as they do for many guests that sight of a 100 lb shark giving a sea world display stays for long time.   Shark of the year has to be Lee’s tiger ticking his box after ten years just what any skip wants, two fun video clips again from Lee’s epic week.