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Busman’s holiday take one

First sorry to interrupt my review of the year blogs but this week I have been ticking my boxes for a change and what does a guy do who runs fishing holidays in the Florida Keys do when he has some down time of course he goes fishing.  First trip was a morning on a very private lake in pursuit of tench old golden eyes and this year my first ever trip on a punt with good friend  Mr Big Fish, Lee as my skip just for a change.  Stunning lake and being able to fish into the lilys just awesome lots of memories flood back as a lot of us guys I started of on lakes and rivers and seeing a float rise and then slip away still does it for me.  Not the best of weather but we still had a good day, bream from the start and yes a tench for me so one box ticked and a massive thanks to Lee who in return now wants a huge sawfish on his next trip to the Keys.





Next box was black bream from the sea, again these fish bring back memories to show how mad I was way back, Martin and I rode our bikes nearly 30 to Brighton, rowed out an old clinker wooden boat fished for bream then rode back hardcore or what.  Well despite Martin telling me due to tides it was going to be a 5 am depart from Littlehampton I was well up for it so 3.45 pick up at hotel just lots of espresso from that very cool 12 volt machine.  Soon on our mark and the guys at the back of the boat bagging up with just a few for us at the front and Martin dropped a good conger for his friend Ian but a good scrap and he touched the leader.  Tide turned then I started to bag up as well nothing huge but solid little fighters in the 2 to 3 lb range and yes of the 14 I landed I took 3 and gave one to the wife’s parents and boy did they taste good thanks Martin box ticked as well.




Have to say a few words about the boat Lady Ann out of Littlehampton a cracking clean and well-kept boat just right for the job, skipper Keith with a constant supply of coffee just ticked all the boxes as well.  If you find yourself on the south coast get in touch with him on 07990 915695 or email at and I am sure he will put you on fish.