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Year review part two Tarpon

Back to my review of the year after a short busman’s holiday fun and belive it or not it is how I wind down after a year of doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys I go fishing but just as a guy on some one else’s boat.  So part two tarpon, as you may or may not know tarpon and the Florida Keys go together fish and chips in fact it was the fish that put the Keys on the map as the go to destination to tick the box.  Tarpon as I have said before have been doing this migration run through the Keys for thousands of year but to see the sea alive with hundreds of 100 lb + fish still takes my breath away after all my years of being in the Keys.  This year was different to normal most guys put it down to the weather, a very hot start to the year then a series of cold fronts one after the other and like a lot of fish on migration runs it is the temps that control so fish I guess a little confused.




When the main run started it was strange less fish at our 7 mile bridge but numbers further down at Bahia Honda just off the scale, now I prefer 7 mile  ( a lot less concrete ) but I is my job to find fish so a lot more trips to Bahia Honda.  The advantage of Bahia Honda is as it is deeper you can fish all day and this year there were so many extra fish you did not even need to be near the bridge however most fish went straight back to it.  We even did a 2 for 2 one day, two takes and two fish back to the boat despite the huge sharks that always follow the tarpon and this year for the first time for me they were killing for fun try telling a tree hugger that but we witnessed it more than once.  Also this year less tarpon trips not sure once the box has been ticked it is harder to get up at 3 am, or my guys are now ten years older, or it can be a two-hour spectator sport but this 60-year-old skip was just fine with that.