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Brent doing the business

At last a few more reports and pictures from my Capt Brent Kindell who is looking after my guys during my summer break from the Florida Keys.  The Mason party who started off so well with a tiger shark and massive goliath grouper have been having some serious fun offshore.  Any one who has had a dorado on fly has ticked a very special box, the jumps and the colours of the fish just amazing in fact I can remember one guy who said after seeing over 20 chasing his fly ” Rodney you have totally screwed my trout fishing back in the UK “.   Still not sure about saltwater fly fishing, maybe I am to old school, but why throw an artificial when I can throw the reel thing on a better rod and reel with a proper drag.  However on a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys with us you the angler make the choices we just put you on the fish.


photo_2 (1)

Brent has been off for the last few days the flu bug, yes even in the tropics you can get ill and some times simple flu is even harder to shake off when you go from the steamy heat of outside to the very cold A/C of inside.  So looking at the videos nice tuna and dorado offshore, lucky boys, and young Harry having and winning some good battles with our grouper. I am going to have a long chat with John Mason so maybe he can tell me more, one thing is certain they must have been spoilt for choice on which one to eat I hope they had both, maybe sushi starter then a huge plate of grilled dorado, yes I love my seafood.