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Review of the year part three Permit

It amazes me that after doing fishing holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years we are still coming up with firsts and this year it has been catching big permit in the bay.  We have always had good success with the permit spawn on the deep wrecks in the Atlantic, in fact a  few years ago with a 48 lb fish very near the Florida record but permit in the bay has always eluded me till this year.  While my boat is a very good for the shallows of the bay not good for stalking the fish in the less than the 12 inches they like in the bay, and in all fairness very hard to keep 4 guys as quite as you need to be.  Last year on a new wreck more than once we saw permit but the guys at the time did not have the bait which has to be live crabs to stand any chance.





So when that forecast came up this year we dream about, wind speed 0 calm, Lee’s party loaded up with crab and deep into Florida bay we went,  yes it is always hard to ignore the shoals of 20 lb + barracuda but yes there were the permit and I have to give it to John Aplin he stuck at it and sight casting to the moving fish very special.  Well after some time John was screaming fish on an started a long fight with a 20 to 30 lb permit and in just 10 ft of water boy did it give him a work out. The only problem with this wreck it come up to 5 ft and after a long time the line hit the wreck and fish off as did John’s second fish but the third came in and what a happy angler job done, Lee and Ben joined the permit club as well, happy campers or what.



The offshore permit bite was a little strange this year but we had some fantastic fish but it was a first light affair and it is a time of day I like, no pressure from other boats.  Neil’s fish was the best a solid 35 lb of hard fighting permit and on Neil’s line it only seems to end one way fish to the boat. While the offshore permit end very quickly it will be interesting to see how long they stay on the bay wrecks one thing is for certainly always a few crab in the live well.