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Review of the year part four grouper

Sorry about the lack of blogs the last week deep in the Tuscan hills for my wife’s fix of Mr Bocelli doing his thing as only he can do, not my thing but as they say a good way to stack up the brownie points and in all fairness some fantastic carp fishing and found a lake with large mouth bass keep an eye on the blog a very strange story.  Back to the last year and grouper fishing in the Keys a fantastic year and best of all we now have an other 4 marks where we can catch these fish up to 500 lbs.   We  with the help of Jim Whippy and the famous Whippy walk have the method that works but untill last year only one good mark and on your fishing holiday in the Florida Keys nothing sucked as seeing a boat on your grouper mark but now no problem.  One of the new spots is in fact a series of caves which has a very high count of 100 lb + fish and as much rod bending action as you want.






One strange thing came up last year the top grouper bait has in fact turned out to be shark why I am not sure but put on a 10 lb small black nose  shark as bait then hang on.  Before you all start shouting where we fish there is not shortage of shark and some days the smaller ones can be like doggies back in the UK so the odd one for bait no problem at all.  At last we have found a good source of the 26/0  hooks we like to use and by making them nearly barbless very easy to get out and nearly all hook ups in the corner of the mouth.  Yet an other 4 month ban on keeping gag, black and red grouper and yes it is making a difference the guys out here just have it so right and long may it continue.