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Tuscan tales

Well its that time of year just back from my wife’s holiday in Tuscany to see her beloved Andrea Bocelli perform outside in the hills by his birth place.  So much not my cup of tea but as my wife’s health gets worse any thing that puts a smile on her face is good enough for me.  This year a new boys toy to play with as well,  Fish the Dream’s  fishing holidays in the Florida Keys has chosen as a tester for the new Garmin action camera the Virb what a stunning new device,  I will be doing  a complete blog on Virb when I have had a bit more experience with it.  This year we tried one of the many Agriturismo in Tuscany  not far from the concert and strangely not far from my carp lake,  theses places are basically converted farm houses but this one not only had the most amazing hilltop pool I have ever seen but an irrigation pond that also had fish as well.

My main carp lake was as fun as it always is, the carp have not read the rule book here and feed all day long in bright sun light and I am now the lake rebel using 7 lb main line and no 10 hooks with pop up on the bottom.  Takes just amazing more a case of catching the rod as it gets dragged in than  am I getting a bite, still like using the float but these carp are canny but still not matter how many tarpon or shark I drag over the side in the Keys to see a float slide away ticks my box.  On the irrigation pond hard fighting Prussian carp a bit like Curcian but harder fighting, then one morning bigger fish came up to the bread took it in but spit it out, I looked is disbelief  they were Large Mouth Bass.  Game on dig in the small travel bag for a few plastics and what fun these fish take hard, jump  and even take drag, thanks Mr Bocelli can’t wait for next year.



VIRB Picture