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Brian’s back

Brian is one of the many guys who years ago came on one of our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys then has been coming back ever year and I hope I can say has become a true personal friend as well.  With him this week we have Bob who’s first trip was in March and just had to get back ASP the Florida Keys kind of does that to you, gets under the skin.  First day wrecking in bay had to jump around a bit but with over 300 marks in the GPS found them on wreck two Brian having one well over 300 lbs and Bob getting beat up as well, love it.  Next day off to the humps Brian is still a tuna virgin a bit lumpy on the way out but sadly not a bird in the sky when we got there.  Now on the tuna grounds birds means tuna and tuna means shark so plan B which out there means live bait in fact the record tuna was caught on a live pinfish in 500 ft near the bottom.  So down goes Brian and it is along way down first one after some time dropped the bait but number two as they say did not half hang on and it hit the bait well over 600 ft down but the smile says it all.





Not the tuna we had all wanted but one of the biggest almaco jacks any one here has heard about a very solid  46.75 lbs yes we got it weighed.  Bob had a smaller one then Brian stuck a silky shark near 300 lbs fun in 700 ft it always comes as a surprise how hard it is to fight a fish straight under the boat.  Yesterday then wind had us close in but some near double cero mackerel that always pull the string and it is harder to find a better fish on the dinner plate.  My best friend Martin is coming out to join us today not sure it is the best way to get over a hernia opp but he has a bad case of Keysittuse so needs the cure (  a rod in the hand )