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Fun in the bay

Now my oldest and best fishing buddy has arrived the crew is up to three and the fun factor way over 10 with over 50 years of fishing together the memories and tales just keep coming back I am sure Brian and Bob both think we are crazy but then we are.   Not sure why Martin packed a few windy days, sucks leaving the dock with a GPS with over 300 fishing marks only for the weather gods to cut 200 of the best off but as they say you have to do what you have to do.   We will always find fish and the joy of a fishing holiday in the Florida Keys you by the nature of the islands find shelter, great fun with the yellow jacks the other day right under the 7 mile bridge and dont half hang on.  The day before Martin arrived Bob was star of the show when we had one of those I am running out of line moments grouper fishing when a rather large shark had picked up the bait and next stop was Cuba.  So pick up and off we went in hot pursuit the only problem at this time of year is the thousands of pot markers in the bay, so three times we had to untangle his line but Bob is now becoming a Keys pro and we soon had him boat side and you can see in the video a very happy angler.




Not sure why but regular Brian has a thing with big stingray and at the same mark he had two the best just over 55 lb and boy did it give him the run around.  I will always keep just one they are the top hammerhead bait by a long way not sure why but in the past we have had hammerheads to the boat with many stings stuck in their faces the pain must be worth the pleasure.  Thanks Brian we now have over ten baits in the freezer and I am sure you will be the first to put one down as I wright this in the dark at 5 am we have plans for a deep run into the bay to do just this.


The other thing that floats a lot of peoples boat when they are in the Keys is the wild life the other day while finding shelter in Vaca Cut the channel that is the start of Marathon a young osprey came and sat in the tree less than 20 ft from the boat.  You think of all the people who in the UK would die for this and it is a regular thing to have manatee at the boat in the dock, yes I am avery lucky guy. Oh by the way the shark was yet an other fish nailed by a Release Reel as they say the proof is in the eating and these reels love fish.