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The tale of two sharks

This blog is way out of time order but what happened yesterday was way over amazing and just two special to keep on ice so our second trip of the week to the tuna grounds will wait a few days.  Now Brian like most guys who come on fishing holidays in the Florida Keys way back had a wish list and in over 7 years of coming on our holidays has ticked off most of the list but one fish had been missing the very special tiger shark.  Most mornings he would look at the rouges gallery pics by the breakfast tables and looking at the many tiger pics I knew what he wanted so like a good skip for years I have been trying my best.  Sadly we don’t have a tiger spot they are found from way offshore to all over Florida Bay even the granders fish over a 1000 lbs are often in less than ten feet of water.  So yesterday Brian was attached not to one but just like buses two came along at the same time.  First was one of the most brutal shark attacks I have ever seen in over 15 years fishing in the Keys, we were having way to much fun for old guys with a huge pack of near 100 lb blacktip shark when Brian was playing a very good one and had it near to the boat.  Then the water behind the fish went  dark and a very, very large tiger decided he wanted the shark more than Brian just one bite and it was all over none of us saw the entire shark but by looking at the bite mark radius I am more than sure it was one of those 1000 lb + fish.



We were all a bit shaken after that  and newbie Bob was not at all sure about being in a small boat with those around but the remaining pros put down an other shark rod and we waited but he or she did not come back for seconds. Then the weather turned bad and we fished a few spots on the way home finding a good mackerel mark but with the rain and winds getting stronger we all had enough.  But after the shark rods had been brought in Brian shouted above the wind something very large has just taken my mackerel bait.  I moved over to his side of the boat just in time to see the tale of a near 10 ft tiger go past the boat, we had to throw the pick and chase this one but on a none shark rod this over 500 lb fish was always going to win this one.  Brian did as always a fantastic job but in the end the way to light rod’s line gave way, Brian just turned and smiled and said  ” guess I will just have to come back again ” hope you do mate.