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Last week round up

Well as they say what a week as the guys said if this had been our first fishing holiday in the Florida Keys we would not be sure if we had been fishing the dream or dreaming the dream.  Just so much going on that shark has become a local celeb and crated a bit of a stir between the ” only a dead shark is good shark ” and the ” all sharks must be protected ” camps all I say is that I am happy to have sharks on my guys lines at any size 1000 lbs to 10 lbs.  It was great to get to the tuna grounds again and bring back plenty of fresh blackfin one of the best sushi grade tuna what was a surprise was what we caught them on old fashioned dexter wedges, they cast a long way and the action as good as it has ever been.  This was on Brian’s wish list so at least skip ticked one box and as for the tiger as Arnie said  (  I will be back ) or as Brian said in his thank you email next year.







Well the mac are back last week we had a mess of spanish and cero and the first be king of the year soon they will be all over Florida Bay and catching bait as much fun as any one can want with a rod in your hand and I would like to spend a bit more time on the fly rods this year for them.  Had a couple of fun days on the bay wrecks which for the first time are loaded with African pompano screaming first run they fight so hard we had one die but what a table fish yum, yum.  First time this year we had a huge cobia at the boat this fish well into the 50’s came up the chum but despite a frantic crew did not take but there is good chance it will stay so maybe next time.  New boys this week are the Jersey crew one of our oldest parties and this being there 10 th trip to Fish the Dream enough said.