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When it gets tough

As the saying goes when it gets tough the tough get going and I have to give my Jersey boys 11 out of 10 for the last few days.  Not what you expect on a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys but the one thing I have no control over is the weather and the weather gods have given us a right royal spanking for the last three days.  The only saving grace is that the Keys will by the nature of the Islands always give you some shelter and the fish still have to feed in fact we nearly had the biggest fish of the week in winds over 20 mph the other day.  The long hard run to Bahia Honda’s bridges nearly paid of Chris was attached to a very large bull shark but after an age the shark played the bridge game and went round the piles game over but it shows what you can do on a crappy day.







Last day before the weather broke was on the bay wrecks fun for all as they say again it was Chris’s day the best African of the trip and a cobia that was just half and in to short to keep looking at the pic it seems strange that a fish that big is to small but them is the rules and they do go to over 100 lbs.  Nigel joined in the fun with one of our bully boys of the Keys a rather good blue fish they look like bass but with a sett of teeth that a piranha  would be proud of and a brain that says they must kill.  Barracuda were picky staying in the shade under the boat and sometimes coming out to nail an incoming blue runner but boy have they got good eye sight put a bait down and they just look at it saying ” you must be kidding “. I know this is a fishing blog but we found this moth with a wing span of 8 in in the bait room the other day cool or what.