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White Water’s road trip

It is fantastic to welcome Andrew Alsop of White Water charters to Fish the Dream’s Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys.  Over the years Andrew has become Britain’s top shark skipper operating a very fast Cheetah Cat out of  Milford Haven Pembroke on the West wales coast.  This year has been his best year ever with porbeagle to 300 lbs and many near 200 lb blues so it seemed the logical choice to come to the Florida Keys to tick a few boxes in his  fishing wish list.  With him he has brought his boat man Mark and two regulars from his charters Simon and (Mr Mako ) Andy who had that stunning mako on White Water in 2013.  First day was fantastic here in the Keys with grouper over 300 lbs taking my best bait a small shark and I think its fair to say I made Andy’s day with a beautiful tiger shark near 300 lbs. The first time you see a tiger close up the teeth and the markings are very special and must hurt my regulars who have been trying for years for one that on Andy’s first trip and first day he is lucky, we also had a 100 lb + bull just to break the guys in.








Day 2 we knew the weather was going to break so an early start to hit a bay wreck  when we got there and Mark soon had a screaming run the african pompano were still there and it was soon followed by a 21 lb hard fighting cobia .  Then poor Andrew repeated the lose of a big grouper that he did on day one the first one was a broken 380 lb clip then the second was one of those monsters well over 500 lb which we all thought Andrew had under control.  Alas as these giants often do it found a piece of wreck and did the 300 lb trace but the power of this fish was immense and might have been one of the granders that make the wrecks their home. Then the cold front hit us and a bit deflated after Andrew’s lost fish the guys had the rest of the day shopping rather than fishing on the sheltered side of the island.