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The White Water way

I still think the way we run our fishing holiday in the Florida Keys has been the reason for its success for now over ten years the one thing that works is that the anglers make the calls.  Over the years we have had big sharks on the boat but last year after an angler was hurt three broken ribs we decided to call it off bringing the big ones in but yesterday as they say rules are ment to be broken so when the crew wanted to bring a big lemon in I said OK.  It was young Andy again he used to be Mr Mako but now over here he cant make his mind up first a tiger now a near 200 lb lemon which I have to say nearly spooled him on its first run and did some fantastic head out of the water action till it gave up and went for the White Water way.  Yesterday started of windy so a spot of grouper fishing in the lee of the island then back into the bay where it all kicked off.





First we had some fun with are blacknose shark then still finding places to fish in the wind Andy had the fun with the Lemon but the trip to our first grouper wreck the water after the blow was way to dirty.  So plan F or was it G not sure but an insane stop for macs on the way home and right up to sunset full on action and the boys got to see the air show of a blacktip shark the first of the trip, shame it did not stay on but I am sure one will this week.  Have to say you are never to old to learn but Andrews Vulcan death grip does seem to work on our frisky blacknose shark and you do get a much better photo not sure a 60 with a broken hand can do it but I can tell the anglers what to do thanks Andrew.