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Putting the fun into fishing

Have to say it this week has been one of those tough ones after a very deep cold front the sea temps have dropped 11 degrees and the winds just have not stopped.  Many local captains have cancelled trips but my White Water crew have stuck to the task and we have been out ever day but big have been very hard to find.  Not the shelter of the mangroves and the creeks with a small fish species hunt but these boys just want big and the policy of our fishing holidays in the Florida Keys is that the anglers call the shots so wrecks it has been.  On all but one day bait has been no problem this being our mackerel season plenty of spanish mackerel everywhere and a lot of fun on light rods but the big boys have just stayed at home.  In all fairness we have lost a lot of big fish this week with Andrew having the worst luck losing three big grouper one just a train, one a 380 lb clip broke and on took the end of the trace over some coral that’s why they call it fishing not catching.  I had been warned strange things might happen this week and how do I put they did the crew have a thing about dressing up and masks certainly put a smile on my face and the many locals who saw them.


mask 3

mask 4

mask 1

The other day we stopped at a local marina to top up the petrol and while I was inside I heard some noise and the marina owner said wait I have to get a photo of your boat, yes there was chicken at the helm !! Then many times when I went to get blog cam the angler had gone and it was Porky or Spider who had the fish and I was laughing to much to get a good photo.  The best had to be the full fancy dress crew shot yes White Water had come to Florida and despite the bad weather they were here to have some fun.