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White Water round up

Now back in the UK for our Christmas break I have had a few days to reflect on White Waters trip.  The problem that I get when it is a partie’s first Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys with us that most guys have rather large wish list which is the norm and I understand. After fishing in the Keys for over 15 years and doing the fishing holidays for 10 years it is not to hard for me to tick most boxes but one thing I have no control over is the weather.  The day the White Water crew arrived was a record high of 88 and the entire week had been very warm and sea temps had got to a near summer high of 76 and as can be seen from our first day the fishing was on fire, shark and grouper to 300 lb and plenty of action on all the big rods.  Early on the second day a very deep cold front hit the Keys and with strong winds and night temps in the low 60’s the water dropped 6 degrees in the first night then 5 the next night and the winds stayed strong all week with water just 64 all week.  The only fish that took all week was our mackerel with spanish nearly in double figures and the stunning run of pompano stayed on the feed but the big boys had the week off.  I have to give to White Water crew they stuck to the task of big not a species hunt in sheltered waters but tough it out on wrecks in the bay but the big did not want to play ball but catching bait was fun.  Talking to local captains most who just tied up for the week the bigger the fish the less it has to feed so a week off the feed is no problem at all as was the case with our week but the smaller ones have to feed so at least we had action on the smaller rods.





After fishing with Andrew Alsop for the week I can see just why he is Britain’s top shark captain he just gets and understands  shark and if you have a look at his website  or his facebook page you will see he gets results big time and this year has been his best so far.  If you want to tick shark of your wish list then I suggest you get in touch on 01446 710815 or 07970936443 or email on but he is very busy but will get back to you.  So reality check for White Waters trip not what they or I wanted but totaly out of my control but we did have 7 species of shark up to 300 lb and a total species count of 27.  Most of all I hope Andy realizes just how lucky he was a big tiger shark on his first day of his first trip I have many regulars who would have paid me a large premium for his trip.