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£ 100 Off

As you may or not know Fish the Dream’ Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys was chosen by Garmin ( UK ) as field testers for their new action camera the Virb Elite for my full review go back to the blog post on 12 th Aug.  Even an old guy like me has found this very neat camera very easy to use and their editing software just as easy since they sent me the camera the price to the public has just gone down by a £100 to a very reasonable £ 249 maybe a selfie present.  Next year I plan to do even more with it I want a more stable under water mount and the fairies have told me santa is bring me a Quadcopter to video fishing from out side the boat and with the play back screen looking for weed lines.  A very good underwater video of the massive coral head in Hawks Channel with this blog, this feature comes up from 40 ft to just 23 ft always very fishy and you can see just why we lose so much tackle and what a Hog snapper.

tig 1

tig 2

A few more pics of Andy’s tiger shark to let you see way up there in my personal top shark just so awesome and they often get to over 1000 lbs.  Had a long chat to Andy in the week to mull over what might have been and it seems despite the poor weather he has seen the stunning potential of the Florida Keys and this is with out once being in the deep water on the Atlantic.  So much more to show him if there was ever a guy I want on the tuna grounds it is him not for the tuna which are always fun but what feeds on them.  If there is ever a place to get the  (  Jaws ) experience with the click click of a reel as a very big shark takes it is there and I can just see his face as he knows what has taken his half tuna could be way over 1000 lbs.