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Review of the year part two

An other epic year for shark fishing during our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys shark tick the box for a lot of our anglers a true sport fish and one you dont need to get up at silly o’clock for and for the most part they stay on.  2014 was our best year ever for tiger shark seven came to the boat and even in the Keys a very rare fish.  For two anglers the box well and truly ticked at last Lee Jasper had one and he has been trying for many years but just to show how it goes sometimes Andy Griffith a top UK shark angler had one on the first day of his first trip.  Bull and hammerhead to near 500 lb and now we always have shark rods on our tuna trip while the tiger I think is the best looking silky shark over 300 in 1000 ft + water on the tuna grounds just take pain to a new level.  Last year an other first we saw more than once the big 1000 lb shark during the tarpon run just killing 100 lb + tarpon just because they could strange.






Mackerel king, cero, and spanish again in big numbers and on the right balanced gear as much fun as you can have on a rod also they tick more than one box fun, food and bait.  Tuna fish when we can get there spectacular and now very rarely trolling jigs and lures just as good and much more fun bring on the barbie.  A good year for sting ray and the speed of the runs often a surprise for anglers and my trick of guitar playing to get sanded up fish back on the move makes people laugh but gets them back on the move.  Barracuda fun as always but they can be very annoying as well when you have near 30 lb fish taking the shade under the boat but never a bait but try getting a nice snapper past them.







Fish of the year has to be Brian Ironman’s near record almaco jack taken on a live bait on the tuna grounds at a solid 46.75 lbs he had the misfortune to have the take in 700 ft near the bottom.  This fish was very unlucky to have Brian on the other end there was only going to be one out come Brian very rarely looses so to the boat it came and we were all very surprised just how well the steaks tasted well done again.




So what will 2015 bring not sure but with 124 species to the boat and fish over 1000 lbs not sure the fun of the Florida Keys and this year new toy a drone to do some very cool boat, angler, fish videos hope to see you very soon.