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A blast from the past

Well 2015 is starting off much as most of 2014 was for our Fishing Holidays here in the Florida Keys with lots of big fish and action  ticking peoples wish lisst as much as I can.  The first party of 2015 is Ian, Simon and Bob the strange thing about this crew is that I last took Ian and Simon fishing 21 years ago when I lived in SW Scotland so the last few days has been for me a fantastic trip down memory lane.  Like  ” do you remember when that porgie came to the boat when we were tope fishing in Loch Ryan ” no but I do now it seems like a different life ago but I am so pleased the boys are bringing it back for me.  Back to this week my orders were a few big, we had two over 100 lb on the first day a bull shark about 150 lbs and the thickest lemon I have ever seen near 250 lb and lots of action to go with big.








So with the bay full of mackerel where catching the best bait in the Keys is way to much fun the week is going very well then the weather gods had to say ” this guy Rodney is having it to easy lets pitch a curve ball ” so yesterday not quite to plan ” A ” as they would say.  So the float plan with a winds dropping to 2 yes 2 mph by the afternoon hit a few deep wrecks then of to the tuna grounds for some all round fun and those amazing silky shark.  Well it was all going to plan fun on the deeper wrecks where we even added a new species to Fish the Dream  vermilion snapper so the count is now 125 species to the boat but from nowhere the winds started to pick up. Why oh why in the year 2015 with all the toys they have do the weather guys get it so wrong not 2 mph as forecast but near 20 mph so with our tales between legs back to the bay solid mackerel action so bait well very full for today’s action and old stories of my past life.