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What a week

I kind of know how a week has been as I tire out anglers with big fish as the week goes on and often sneak a peek at the odd power nap on the boat.  As I said on the last blog this was Ian’s, Simon’s and Bob’s first time in the Keys and I always know its been a good one when at the last breakfast they are already making plans to come back and become one of my regular crews job done as they say.  Yes I have now been doing Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys for over 10 years but I still get a big kick out of it and just seeing the look on guys faces when they see their first grouper over 300 lb just awesome.  We had more than one this week and feat of the week has to go to Ian who had one way over 300 lb on the light ledger rod not our normal locked drag 80 lb outfit but a normal rod with just 50 lb gear well done the boy.








I soon get to know a newbie crew and as it was with this one they just loved their sharking and in the Florida Keys at this time of year with the mackerel run on this for me is a very easy box to tick. So with the weather offshore not playing ball most days it was hit the bait grounds load up with mac and jacks then hit a deep wreck have a go with the cobia and grouper and wait for the shark to turn up. I still think blacktip shark are right up there as a sport fish they run and jump and scream the drags what more do you want and last week we had so many were able to freeline baits just under the boat.  The only downside about blacktip is that they are a right royal pain in the butt at the boat if you let them they go round and round and under the anchor rope just for fun.  So thanks for a great week boys and hope to see you all again soon.