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A windy day in the bay

Well with the weather gods not playing ball every day they did allow Keith’s boys to tick the tuna box early in the week as their return Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys has gone on the winds have picked up.  However as I have said before we are more than lucky here in the Keys with lots of windy day options so it was a case of load everything on boat and head to a bank some 17 miles in Florida Bay that would gives us some fresh mackerel bait and if the wind died a bit a jumping point to Gulf wrecks as poor old Mick was still a cobia virgin.  The mackerel were on fire and with them came a very acrobatic spinner shark and despite its jumps we won, also and on a personal note we had a grouper grand slam and to see those creamy white flakes go back will hurt for the next four months but the boffins say we must so back they go.  As it often happens by late afternoon winds dropped and off to a wreck and see if we could help out the cobia virgin, first cobia was so big one of the crew was heard to say  ” there is a big brown shark after your bait ” no just a 50 lb + COBIA.  It came back and Mick nailed it by sight fishing with a live bait but this puppy had other ideas and despite being on a tarpon rod with very strong 30 lb mono just screamed off on an unstoppable run and broke the line.  Next one was a lot more manageable still a very good fish and put up a good scrap and at 19 lbs a good starter and at least Mike is no longer a cobia virgin.






As you know I am an official tester for Garmin UK and for the last few months have been testing the Garmin Virb Elite and as you can see a pretty amazing piece of kit so while working on the boat and being buzzed by the local vintage bi plane doing holiday rides I had and idea.  All my life I have worked the  ”  If you don’t ask you don’t  know ” so I went to Marathons airport just two blocks away and asked the pilot could I fix the camera to his plane and he said straight away yes. So this blogs video is part one of my little rock Marathon in the Florida Keys and as you can see not a bad office.  To sum up last weeks fishing with Keith and the boys three great guys who just love fishing and have caught the Keys bug in a big way, best box ticked for me at the farewell breakfast talk of booking their next trip job done.