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Carol’s on fire

Not sure what it is the pheromones or the Miss Ballantine effect  (  the record salmon lady ) or just because she loves fishing but every time Carol comes on a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys she just does so well.  Carol who came to fishing late in life after meeting Paul took to it way better than a duck to water as they say.  I even asked Paul about it and even he said it is amazing and when she beats him in a match in the UK he is nothing but proud for her and rightly so.  The other day she did something that even left me speechless and a fishing story that even a seasoned pro would find hard to make up.  It all started when Paul lost a very sporty blacktip shark near 100 lbs as it charged the boat and cut the main line on the keel we even had to watch the balloon for some time as the shark stayed in the area.  About two hours later Carol who as normal was having a blinding day on the lightest rod on the boat a 20 lb braid jigging rod was on a very big fish.  After some time and in front of a good crowd watching the fish run and jump buy the old 7 mile bridge we could see her tiny jig had caught the broken line and she was fighting Paul’s lost shark.  Well the shark must have known it was Carol on the other end and after a right royal fight and to the cheering of the crowd Carol had the fish to the boat, hook out trace back and high fives all round. The photo of the over 300 lb bull shark just an other of Carol’s fish this week and taken just yards from the shore at Bahia Hond’s state park a stunning fish on a very winy day in the Keys.





Video blog and I know its not fishing but it is a short walk round the B 17 that I still think their flight  will be Paul and Carol’s flight high light of this trip.  What does come as a shock is just how small this plane is and what conditions the 10 man crew had to go through on their many bombing missions during world war two.  Had a look on Wiki and was amazed that of the 1.5 million metric tons of bombs dropped during the war the B17’s dropped over 600,000 tons and with out their help it could have been a very different story.  Two very different stories this blog hope you enjoyed them both.