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Now that’s how to start a week

You know you have been doing something a long time when guests who first came on a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys start to bring their children to share the fun of the Keys.  This weeks anglers are Alan and Tim Keating and Alan who brought his son Harry who at 15 seems to be how they say  ” a chip off the block ” and already showing some very good angling skills.  His first big fish was a way to cool hamerhead shark we were all very excited but Harry just took it in his stride OK it was at about 90 lbs not a monster but one ticked off the list and some guys take many years to get a hammerhead.  An other title for this blog could have been a very sharky day despite water temps now down to just 61 due to our long windy cold spell the shark were just on fire.  With the mackerel still being all over the place and some very nice ones the best bait is just a chuck away and with so many macs you can put a fresh bait down ever time.  Well on the first day we nearly had the shark grand slam but with hammerhead, lemon, blacktip, spinner, blacknose, sharknose shark but we still had a full on shark day and fish of the day had to go to Tim.







Now often is the case big fish will eat small baits not sure why but I think it is because they can and Tim found himself stuck to a very big fish on a very small rod.  He was after what we call sporty shark on a 30 lb rod when a lemon well over 100 lbs came to join the party but after what seemed like an age Tim had the fish to the boat but after a few pics and a short video it was off to join its friends again.  Alan’s special day with his son Harry was also a special day for fish the dream we had our first tagged lemon shark if you look at the close up photo you will see the yellow tag.  Yesterday was a holiday in the US but later on today we will be phoning and claiming our prize and finding out where and when this 7 ft 6 in lemon shark was first tagged very cool indeed.