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Mark’s week

So Mark joins the growing group of guys who decide the best way to celebrate turning 60 is to have a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys in fact it was his wife Amanda who did the booking but me thinks Mark did not object at all.  The one group I have no control over the weather gods teased us first day 28 miles offshore on tuna then I am afraid they turned and the rest of the week a lot of plan  ” B’s ” but we fished all week and had fun all week.  Have to say I was well impressed with the Key’s newbies Prue and Jack top marks its a bit like being thrown in at the deep end when you cant swim or have ever been to a swimming pool but they both come away with top marks from skip.  Fish of the week well that has to go to Amanda that hammerhead would have tested many a guy but she got the job done in style.  Best way to sum up the week is a load of photos of happy anglers and yes on arty one the only flock of white pelicans in the Keys way up near the everglades looking very cool.








At last some info on Alan and Harry’s tagged shark from the other week.  It was tagged on 24 th April 2013 so we had it after 663 days it had only grown 5 cms so it was a fully mature fish and only moved 18 miles during the time so a local fish happy where it lived. Hope it gives the boffins some good info as you all know I love my shark fishing and any help I can give them is good by me.  Only downer from last week was showing the guys where to cast and how to speed spin I had a good jack would much liked one of the guys to catch it but it happens.  So all in all yet an other fun week in the Florida Keys and here’s hoping to many more years fishing for young  (  at heart ) Mark.