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Tarpon and permit cancellation

Just had a late and sad cancellation for a prime tarpon week this year the reason is a massive heath problem and the lead guy can’t make it so the week is up for sale.  The week is arriving on 27 th April  fish 28 th to 5 th May and leave on 6 th May there will be 100 lb + tarpon ever day if you want and it is also the start of the permit spawn on the deep off shore wrecks which can go on all day.  It still blows my mine that the run of the giant tarpon as they also migrate and spawn has been going on for millions of years in fact even before T Rex was stomping around and will still be going on when maybe we have all gone.  Most of our tarpon are caught in the early morning it has always been my idea if you are going to have a one hour fight it is better getting light than getting dark as is the case with evening fishing.  We have been using lighted floats now for years and the sight of your float going under then the first leap of your 6 ft fish right out of the water will live with you for ever.


During this week the permit will also take your breath away we catch these on crab jigs on or near the surface and their first line of attack is just to go straight to the bottom at over 100 ft and they will do this many times.  The week is not just about tarpon and permit there should be some good off shore action with dorado, wahoo, tuna, amberjack ect and the bay will have the normal snapper, grouper, cobia and shark and a normal weeks fishing is over 40 species. We have taken some money so there is even a discount on this week.

(R)DF2814So if a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys has been on your bucket list this could be your dream week and as Henry Gilbey has often said it does not come any better than the Florida Keys during tarpon time.