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Hammer time

What a week the weather gods being far from kind the first day a whole new meaning to glass seas in fact one of the guys said he had never seen a sea so flat maybe that was the kiss of death since the first day just chasing the few calm spots.  Not sure why but fishing in strange spots this week has given some amazing fishing with fish over 100 lbs every day and in fact 7 days we had fish near 300 lbs every day just the Florida Keys.  Taking shelter the other day just yards from the shore having great fun with the sporty shark Ian lets us all know  ” this is no sporty ” so on just a 30 lb mono rods off we go to chase it down.  After god knows hoe long we have a near 300 lb hammerhead at the boat on such light tackle just an amazing job well done the boy.




The other day in a raging wind we had to go north over 12 miles to a small rocky channel having some fun with smaller stuff when the shark rod went off but this was no shark soon we were fighting a big goliath grouper.  The rod was not our big boy and soon the fish had got back to its hole but with patience and the old tricks we had it way over 300 lbs and jet an other grouper spot in the GPS.







Best of all this week and maybe a very close second to John’s bull was yet an other hammerhead to Dereck while taking shelter behind a bank having fun with the new arrivals the cero mackerel.  It took some time dropping the bait many times bur by changing the bait to smaller one at last the hook stuck but I am sure the sight of that fish in just 8 ft water rolling on you bait will live for ever.  Last morning which as always comes way to fast fun  on a bay wreck at last and one of our monster grouper for John and we had a very strange blacktip shark that took a smaller spinner on a 20 lb braid rod only just threw the pick in time as Dereck was about to be spooled.  So yet again an other fantastic week’s fishing and way to much laughter for an old guy thanks boys.