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Global warming ?

Still not sure but one thing has happened this year we have missed spring out here in the Florida Keys.  It only seems days ago we were going out with as many layers on as we could and the water was way hotter than the air and each day the sea temps were falling.  Now it is the oppersite near record highs ever day and with no wind the sea is getting to summer levels of heat the fish I think have been a bit confused.  What a lot of people dont know days of flat calm as we have had this week do not help fishing in the tropics we end up with a layer of stale water on the top as you need waves to put air into the water and keep the fish happy.  Its not so bad offshore but in the shallows of the bay it can be a problem but the joy of the Florida Keys we always find fish some days it takes a little longer.  Its great this week to have back yet again my Bromley Boys on their 11 th trip not sure how or why but as a group of friends it just works.







As normal fun ever day have a look at the videos John was having way to much fun with the fly rod and yes had to go to a non standard fly but some people just love fly rods and as you I hope know on our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys what you want goes.  Seems way to long now since I have tasted the creamy white flakes of grouper still over a month to go but most weeks we put back keepers do I see a difference after the bans not sure but one thing the boffins know best and in Florida the fish come first.  Well the one thing the warming has help the tarpon run has started and yes we have had our first fish of 2015 and an other permit day on a bay wreck all on the next blog.