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New regs

I have often said that a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys is way more than tarpon but at this time of year they are and will always be the number one with permit a very close second and with 124 species to the boat in over 10 years I think I have a case.  Tarpon are the silver kings and ever time your float goes down or you feel a take on a freelined bait its odds on it over a 100 lbs and is going to launch its self out of the water and it will do its best to get off and often it is still only about one in four that you get back to the boat.  With all that going on and often a battle with a 1000 lb + shark it is still maybe the top sport in the world of fishing and if it is not on your bucket list it should be this year we all have to conform with new regs from the boffins.




These very clearly state that all fish over 40 in long have to remain in the water this means that special photo of a 100 lb bar of silver on your lap is now a no no so head out and fish body in the water all we can now do.  To me however it is not just the photo we have lost but a very quick way to give an accurate weight.  Using the bonefish and tarpon trust website and putting in the length and girth you had the weight of your fish to the nearest lb and I can still remember the day we put in the numbers 80 in long and girth 44 in yes our first ever 200 lb fish and at 209 lb I think it will be our biggest tarpon ever.  So we are coming up with ways to take measurements with the fish in the water I still think its the way to go rather than ” it looks a good 150 ” much better to say it went 163 on the tables.