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The Keys on fire !

Sorry its been a while since the last blog but as my regulars know this time of year I hit the alarm at 3 am and in all fairness way past shattered to do much else but I now have a few days off so start with a blog then just the boat, tackle and house to do and get some sleep.  Most fantastic news is that we now have a newly qualified US captain helping run our fishing holidays running the boat takes a lot of pressure of me so I can concentrate on the fishing which at this time of year is full on to say the least.  Last week we had back regular Kevin who just to confuse this old guy brought a Kevin along with a Danny and ” I will not be doing much fishing ” Terry.  What a week tarpon to the boat every morning and smashing permit on the deep wrecks not to mention the shark, cuda, dorado, jacks and a whole lot more as normal.






Just the best tarpon fishing for many a year all big fish all well behaved and not a shark in sight and all at 7 mile bridge and all on crab just as though you had ordered the week on ebay. What I did find pleasing about last week is just how in 7 short days our non angler Terry turned into season pro and I have a feeling will be back out after catching a bad dose of tarponits.  We even had the perfect tide all week and just lost one morning to weather but boy has it gone from winter to summer temps in a very short time back in the other day and it was 94 at the back door in the shade but at 5 am  the balmy heat and listening to hundreds of tarpon rolling it does not get any better.  Best day last week we went 4 for 4 and I cant even remember far back doing that may be bring a non angler ( what a joke now a pro )  helps still a stunning week.