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Shark attack

Decided to do a blog on our toothy critters after watching that amazing video of the world’s most lucky surfer who nearly became toast of live TV.  The words shark attack mean different things to different people to the general public images of jaws come to mind but if you are a fishing in the Florida Keys it takes on a whole new meaning.  I consider myself very lucky that most guys who are on a Fishing Holiday in the Florida Keys are more than happy to go shark fishing but it’s when you don’t want them they can be a right royal pain.  So you have come over 4000 miles then dragged out of bed at 3 am managed to get your 150 lb tarpon out from the bridges into open water and all is going well then out of the corner of your eye you see a point of a very large fin.  Well 9 times out of 10 its game over call them lazy or opportunist but big shark know it is tarpon season, why chase your meal when an angler will do the hard work for you.  The same on the permit spawning grounds some days there is no way on this earth you can get a permit back to the boat some people say shark numbers are on the decline I have to say fishing in the Florida Keys for over 15 years I see numbers getting bigger.




DSCN4650One thing this has changed is our approach to shark baits it used to be fresh mackerel or jacks were our number one bait now especially if we see a very large shark we use small shark as bait.  This year we have had some monster bull shark and most of these have fallen to shark baits why I am no sure but it works and if it aint broke you don’t fix it.  Still have to laugh at the day my friend brought his boat over to where we fishing telling me he was being attacked by shark under 7 mile bridge and the exact spot.  His guests saying ” why the hell would Rodney want to know that ” some locals hate all shark but for us it was up pick and one of the most amazing days shark fishing we have ever had.