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Tuscan tales part one

Well it’s that time of year again our now annual trip to Tuscany so see my wife’s favorite singer Andrea Bocelli sing in the open air in his home town and for me my busman’s holiday with my travel rods.  It is now becoming like guys who come on our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys the more times you come the better the fishing gets when you get back you are planing your next trip and more things to do to make the fishing better.  Its been five years now I have fished one carp lake and yes this was the best time ever lucky for me the Tuscan carp don’t read fishing books and this year it was the hottest ever and even in full sun in the middle of the day and at 39 c  102 f old money they just kept feeding.  On this lake I have become a bit of a maverick on watching the locals being smashed up on their long poles and light lines I am now using 6 lb line all through and hooks to size 10 light drags still needed as the runs are amazing.







Also started to use a very primitive pop ups after watching the carp coming right into the margins to clear up baits after match fishing not so much as watching for bites more trying to save rod from being dragged into the lake.  Fun but more for me float fishing very shallow and lots of loose feed with halibut pellets and just trying to hang on to the first run.  If any one is planning a trip to Tuscany the lake is at N 43.50951  E 010.72110 you pay by the hour well-kept pegs bins and chairs I use a travel spinning rods and sweetcorn works but pellets better.  Sorry about the lack of blogs but we were lucky enough to stay in a converted farm deep in the Tuscan hills stunning and the best place we have ever stayed but internet peaked at less than one meg and most days crashed and the 50 mile round trip to a poor internet cafe not on.