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Tuscan tales part two

Ever since I started my passion or as my wife says obsession with fishing now for over 50 years I find it very hard to see any new body of water pond, lake, river, stream or coast line and think I wonder if there are any fish in that.  So when last year our last stay in Tuscany was a converted farm which just one field away had a small irrigation pond I started to ask those questions.  A quick walk round the pond showed yes there were fish so next morning first light with bread and sweetcorn my first trip.  Going down hook size and line breaking strain first fish on and a brand new one to me a prussian carp one good scrap for a crucian like carp except for the spines enough to bring a smile and a flood of memories back. Next morning even more fun and a strange one, larger fish came in but spat out the bread and were not carp at all after a dive into the tackle bag found some Gulp worms and soon we had some large mouth black bass on the bank.  After talking to the owner next day he said he had been told that putting bass in would keep the weed down not sure why may be as a side salad but for me a welcome mistake.  Just like our Fishing Holidays in the Florida Keys the last day came way to quick but not sure how but convinced the other half a full week at this apartment would be cool so game on for this year.









So with all my cunning plans made, serious ground bait for the carp and a good selection of US soft baits for the bass expectations were high and as the  “A Team ” used to say I love it when a plan comes together.  Carp up to 5 lb and a serious bend in the rod one after the other and best bass I would put at near 8 lb just a 5 min walk from the door and way to much fun all while the wife was asleep each morning back for breakfast brownie points and a smile.  It seems bass found there way to Italy from the US troops and their love of bass fishing and not sure why but they have done very well.  I am sure they would do well in the UK and after some reading people have tried but not sure why they have not worked but any one who has had them on a line will find they fight way harder than anything else in freshwater so just have to convince the wife again for next year.