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Waterwolf camera

I have recently received some very interesting underwater footage from my friend Rupert Dury who has been using a Waterwolf camera while tope fishing.  Over recent years Rupert has shown just how good the tope fishing can be here up in the north-east of the UK and I was lucky to be onboard when we both smashed our tope PB’s Rupert with a 71 lb fish and I had a 63 lb one, on a stunning day I will remember for a very long time.  While the Waterwolf camera will never win any prizes for film quality  it does show it what is happening to your baits and just what is down there while you are fishing.  It is also fantastic at letting you see just what the bottom is like and you can adjust your rigs to suit a lot better with a bit of knowing just what’s there.  The first and the best bit is just how the tope took the bait and the short comings of a normal down tide rig and sett up.


rup 2

rup 1

rup 3

What is strange when you see the first take is there is no reaction from the angler, well the angler never knew there was a fish taking the bait.  With a bait hard on the bottom as the fish takes the bait and moves up tide nothing happens at the rod till the fish goes down tide and takes up the slack I wonder just how many times in the past I have brought a bait back and blamed crabs when it was fish taking bites out but on slack line.  Also what it shows very clearly how if the hook is in the front of the bait the fish misses the hook biting as in normal at the back of the bait a very good reason for using pennel rigs or making sure the hook is at the back of the bait.  After watching the videos Rupert has tried types of float fishing which takes out the slack line problems and is looking at the way he puts the hook in the bait and you can see by the photos is nailing the tope.